GoPro cameras

Go Pro cameras are fashionable, thanks to its small size, high resistance and the ability to mount it in almost anything, which makes them perfect for recording everything.

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You can use GoPro to record a family video or use it in a crazy way that leaves everyone with their mouths open. We want to share with you the most spectacular uses that have been given to GoPro cameras. Also, you will learn how to create a Go Pro account.

Wingsuit jump over New York

If you are going to jump from an airplane using a wingsuit or flying suit, it is the most extreme way to do it. A Redbull team made a massive leap and recorded it with a GoPro camera.

In the video, you can feel the experience of going in free fall through the air with the best view of New York, while these experienced position themselves to achieve the perfect landing.

Playing with lions

I do not know if the lions are very friendly, but in this video filmed with a GoPro in Africa, they seem to be most affectionate and educated animals.

Thanks to the size and comfort that gives the possibility to mount the GoPro in almost any accessory, it was possible to capture this moment that very few would dare to live.

Diving with sharks

If you are going to do something as crazy and dangerous as diving with sharks, it is important to have a record. There are special versions of GoPro for use underwater, and a girl recorded her encounter with the most dangerous animals in the ocean.

With your GoPro on, take advantage of swimming next to a white shark and even get close enough to touch it. I do not know if many would be that brave (or crazy) to dare to this. Cowards, we can enjoy the registration.

Now, we are going leave you some very important tips to create a Go Pro account and using it the best possible way:


Testing is essential to mastering GoPro. Knowing the range of vision, touching the settings to improve the capture or take control is vital to use the camera correctly. Although modern models incorporate a small preview screen the previous ones need an app to modify the preferences. This way you will avoid annoyances when recording an activity.

Keep the lens clean.

It seems obvious, but even the most veteran recording has found that his videos are rare. If you do not clean your lens you will not get the result you want and if you do not master editing programs it will be an impossible mission to improve the image. Therefore, both before and after recording use a dry suede to remove all dirt from the viewfinder. This occurs on casing models, where dust accumulates between the visor and the accessory.

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