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Create Account is a site that gives all the newbies of social networks and internet, the possibility to learn to register and log on to various internet sites, whether to create your own email account in Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail / Outlook, or on social networks like Facebook, Badoo and other related services.

We also offer all kinds of tutorials to learn how to use social networks and services in greater depth, and specific tips to optimize the maximum use and security in each one of them.

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Social networks are internet sites that give you the possibility to communicate with family, friends, co-workers, close friends and even strangers, in order to generate friendships, in a virtual way, and share content such as images and videos, own thoughts , Etc., and interact, creating communities that have the same interests: be it about work, rgames, friendships, relationships between people, commercials, and much more.

How sign in Gmail and Hotmail, etc?

Today e-mails are also behaving like social networks, such as Outlook and Gmail, which besides having the possibility of sending and receiving e-mail, also have virtual chats and all kinds of possibility of sharing information With other users. They are also also connected with other applications such as Skype, from which you can speak by sound directly or video in real time.

Both social networks and emails (which also have social networking features) are indispensable for a full life on the internet, and that is the reason for our site; That all users of both services can know a simpler and faster way to register in the services and log in to them, knowing in turn the relevant mpas characteristics of each.

We leave at your disposal all visitors to this site, the contact page, so that they ask us questions regarding each social network or email service of which they have doubts.
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